Tm1-ui-element-list with MDX bug



I’m not sure if that’s a bug or not,
but when trying to get an element list with MDX statement ,
where the dimension does not have an ElementAttributes cube ,
I receive the following errors and no elements are added to the list

“{“error”:{“code”:”",“message”:“Syntax error at or near: '[}ElementAttributes_}ElementAttributes_F … ', character position 92”}}"


That would indicate the attributes dimension of an attributes dimension.
(which should never happen!)


This is just one example,
but even if you referring to a different dimension (not element attribute) ,
which does not have an element attribute cube , ( a dimension with no attributes) ,
same error appears.


Hi Tomer,

This is a limitation of the REST API, a MDX statement can only be issued against a cube in the REST API not a dimension.

That is why if you want to create a list from a dimension, using a MDX statement, the dimension has to have at least one attribute.



Well I guess we have a new best practice then. Any dimension that might be on rows in a Canvas report needs to have at least one attribute.