Tm1-ui-dbr directive alignment

Hi Guys,

On the DBR directives (tm1-ui-dbr-read-only,tm1-ui-dbr), how would one add custom css formatting?
For example: adjust the alignment so that the input is sitting on the right:

Thanks in advance!


Hi Gerard,

If you want to style all your tm1-ui-dbr, tm1-ui-subnm, etc. then you can do that via the CSS classes with the same names:

.tm1-ui-dbr {
text-align: right;

Keep in mind that this will style all of your tm1-ui-dbr elements! To modify a single tm1-ui-dbr element I believe you can use tm1-ui-class and reference a custom CSS class (this did not work for me when I tested it with a tm1-ui-subnm, class was being assigned correctly to the element, but I think the style was overwritten by another ruleā€¦)


Hey Gerhard,

You can use tmi-ui-class to do this.

See here:


Thanks Jack and Fabian!