SQL Server configuration

Pulse customer is trying to use the SQL Server feature of 5.7.x, but after they configure the JDBC URL and credentials in pulse.cfg, the Pulse Application Server fails to start.

  1. How can I double check the credentials are correct?
  2. Does the “LocalService” account that the Pulse service runs in need different/elevated priviliges
  3. The SQL Server is running in AWS? Is this an issue? Is there a special configuration for this?
  4. Does a SQL Server database need to be created first? If so, with what name?

Hi @jpusztai

About your questions:

  1. You can check the credentials by creating an ODBC Connection on the server where Pulse is intalled.
  2. To use Windows Authentication to SQL Server the “LocalService” account has to be the DB owner of the database
  3. Connection to SQL Server on AWS is supported, you just need to make sure that the server where Pulse is installed has access to the AWS where SQL Server is installed. To test it you could create an ODBC Connection on the server where Pulse is installed
  4. Yes you have to create the database first, the name of the database does not matter. Pulse will then create all the tables but the database has to be created before doing the upgrade.

I would highly recommend you to go through these 2 help articles:

In the Pulse.log, you should be able to see why Pulse cannot login or access SQL Server.