Spreading ability on Canvas/TM1


Hello Canvas team,

Is it possible to disable the “Spread” right-click selection on Canvas as shown below?



Hi Nova,

This seems like a good feature to have.

It is not yet in the current build but we will take a note of this and will keep you posted for any updates.




Ok, thank you Paul.



Hi @plim if you´re going to build this in to be able to disable spread on the DBR then I think the feature should be extendable and also able tp enable/disable any other right-click options like reference and comment as well.

*Also in therms of “right mouse click” features does the rest API support “trace calculations” because tis would obviously also be very useful.


Hi! Regarding the options to hide the others, yes, we are planning to have an attribute in there to easily hide the the rest of it as well.

As for the rule tracer, we did check with them before about it and they are still on the process of designing/planning.




At the moment tracing is not part of the TM1 REST API and therefore we can’t implement it.


Hi @nhartanty!

Just to update this post that the option to hide any of the above context menu is in the build now and will be part of the next release.




Thanks @plim!


Hi Team,

One of our client is using TM1 web (slice) as an interface for their input template and we would like to replace it with Canvas. However the most crucial feature they use in tm1 web is the relative data spreading. I believe this is currently not part of Canvas. Will this be ever part of Canvas and if yes when this can be implemented?




Canvas currently supports all TM1 spreading method which has a shortcut:

There is no shortcut for the Relative proportional spread method.

We’ll keep you posted if we add this method in Canvas.



Thanks Vincent!


Hi @Vincent maybe this is more a question for @tryan but in the API is there in fact actually anything more than proportional spread? Straight line, repeat, growth … are really data entry shortcuts for leaf cells. Percent change is really just proportional spread with one simple precursor arithmetic step to target value.

Relative proportional spread seems an exception because it requires a GUI to do the selection of the relative cell coordinates. And the GUI needs some smarts beyond simple selecting a cell as not all cubes and all cells are valid. Once you have the coordinates then it is not too hard to mimic relative proportional spread with TI to copy from source to target to get the “pattern” and then follow with normal proportional spread. So I would guess even if “relative proportional spread” does not exist in any API it would still be possible to do but just needs a lot more development time as it needs a GUI. Are my assumptions on the money?


Hi Scott,

You are correct, the REST API as far as I know only supports the spreading shortcuts.