Selections of Title Elements in UX screen


A bit of background before my questions.

I have created a UX view where the user can select an element from a dimension e.g. profit centre. The users are having difficulty selecting the element they need. They don’t know the profit centre code to filter on and the description isn’t always obvious. In Perspectives they drill down the division, group, sub-group, branch and then select the applicable profit centre. Once they see the profit centres in that branch it’s clear to them which one they what. With the UX selection, they either have to filter on the cost centre code, which they don’t know or the name, which they don’t necessarily know - it could be similar to the branch name (which may be a location) or it could be a more specific area in that location. There’s about 2000 elements in the dimension so it’s a large number to drill down and too many to remember.

The filter functionality isn’t much help as we don’t have anything to filter on. Collapsing the consolidation doesn’t help as when it is expanded it is fully expanded again (unlike perspectives).

So, my question is… Is there a way to stop the the selection expanding all the way to the bottom, after it’s been collapsed) and behave more like perspectives? Or is there something I’m missing?


Hi Roy, this feature is currently not available but I can see the use case and we might add this to the filter component as an option at a later stage. In the meantime I thought about a feasible workaround. In my screenshots below I am doing the selection on an account dimension simply because that is the biggest in my demo dataset.

  • Set the dimension as “fix” in the main screen (there is no load time for a subnm / filter then)
  • Add a toolbar pop-up, “Browse Accounts” in my example
  • In the pop-up configure one grid widget on the attribute cube of the dimension and start with a sensible element selection to start with, for the rows turn on “Hyperlink to change filters” and “show hierarchy”
  • On the pop-up in the advanced options set “modalsView”: { “copyOverSettingsOnClose”: true }
  • You can now open the pop-up, drill down level by level and click on an element, which will then be applied to your main screen once you close the pop-up

    Hopefully this can be a viable solution to your problem.
    Please note that I actually discovered a bug in testing this out and it does not work for some combinations of attributes being selected on the dimension but it works always without issues if you use the principal name (i.e. no attribute configured) In the pop-up itself you can obviously (as in my example) display one or more attributes on columns.

Hi @aalex

I don’t think this will work for us. The elements are restricted to only those relevant to the planning process. As a view is being used in the popup, all the elements will be displayed when the user collapses and expands the selection.