Selecting the TM1 Instance to Create a new Process / Cube etc.


Ok, I feel a bit daft asking this, but I’ll ask it any way.

I’m logged in to two TM1 instances in Arc, and I’m trying to create a new process, but I can’t see how to specify the instance in which I want the process created. It displays the instance name in the title of the new process box, but it’s not the instance where I want to create the process. How do I specify the TM1 instance?

Arc version 1.3.1



Hi @R.B

Whatever tab you have opens determines the instance of TM1.


OK thanks, so I first have to open a tab like an existing process, list of processes, or switch to a tab that relates to the server before creating a new process.


I’ve had the same issue and tore hair out trying to do this. In the end my workaround is open the “cubes” or “processes” panel for the instance I want to create a new object and then click the “add” button in the top right. You do need to make sure you are using only one window dock position.