Pulse User Name or Thread is Empty for web based interfaces (TM1Web and PAW)

Hi Team,

We are testing Planning Analytics with a client model and have noticed that user details are not displaying in Pulse when users are logged in with a web interface. It sometimes occur with TM1Web, and sometimes with Workspace.

This is the version currently installed

Should we update the config? What could be causing this?

Hi @ipelcher,

The new REST API uses a different method for managing users, in the old TM1 API each user had a thread Id for the entire session, i.e. between when they logged in and when they logged out.

In the REST API each user has a session but the “threads” are shared, when you see a thread with an Id of 0 it means the thread is not currently being used.

The latest version of Pulse removes these threads with a Id of 0, we are also working on updating Pulse to use the REST API and handle both the “old” and “new” APIs.