Pulse Report - Not All User Sessions Showing


TM1 Version: 10.2.2 FP5
Pulse Version: 5.5.1

Ran the Pulse Report - “User Sessions” to identify the users that have logged into TM1 during this year.
But it only returned 3 users when I know there should be more people recorded as logged in who uses this TM1 instance.

Does users require to have Extend installed as well to track users logging in?


Hi @gng,

Extend is only required if you want to track Excel usage.

User sessions should work.

Did they migrate the server to a new box?

You can try to access the Web client with another servername or IP Address to see if it’s not a network issue.



The User Session Report does not even have my account that I’m using.

I just logged onto TM1 Web. It shows me on Live Monitor (TM1Top) but not on the User Session Report.

They did migrate to a new box but that was a while ago, previous year (will have to find out the exact date if required)