Pulse Migration with instance name containing a "."



A customer noticed an error while executing a migration package which was created on the development system. The package contains rules and security. The changes were done in a new model with the name “Core.ProfitnLoss”. Is the issue related to the naming convention with the “.” Thanks


Hi Martin,
I’ve just tested it and faced the same issue. The error states that Pulse can’t terrine object type from an instance with dot in the name.

Anyway, we should inform the customer that this is not a best practice to have a dot in the instance name.


Hi @mwinkler and @mmioduski

I was able to replicate this issue in the labs. Could you please send us a support ticket?


As a general rule I would recommend avoiding special characters in the instance name. Stick to A-Z and 0-9.


Hi @mwinkler,

This has been fixed with v5.8.0, could you please try again after upgarding to v5.8.0.