Pulse Migration Error - Unable to run import process The process failed: Version

Pulse: 5.8.0

Ran a migration package and the pulse.log shows an Error

|2019-01-25 14:34:24|ERROR|MigrationRunner|Unable to run import process finance: The process failed: Version|
|2019-01-25 14:34:28|INFO |PackageExecuteRunServlet|Committing changes for migration: aae13eff-388a-4d17-bd0a-b7c5be482b6b|

What is causing this issue? Is there any other log that I should look at for more detail?

Hi @gng,

Could you check if there is any error, in the TM1server.log refering to the any }src* processes.



Hi @ecarmona

Ah yes I do see an error in TM1Server.log

Process “}src_import”: : Execution was aborted. Error file: <TM1ProcessError_20190125035943_42114844_}src_import.log> : Dimension “Cost Category” not found

The package I’m importing is to recreate an existing cube and swap out a dimension with this new dimension ‘Cost Category’ which the error is relating to.

But the error is occurring even though I have included this dimension in the migration package.

Hi @gng,

This is a know issue in Pulse, this fix will be included in Pulse 5.8.1. In the meantime the workaround is to execute the package twice or to create a package that executes a TI that deletes the cube before the dimension update and then execute a TI after the dimensions.

We will let you know when this is fixed.

NB: this is just happening when overwriting existing cubes, new cubes are deployed without any issue.

Best Regards,


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Thanks @ecarmona , I can do that workaround.