Pulse migration - Active form

Hi Cubewisers.

I would like to ask for your advice about this… Do you know why this can be happening? We want to migrate online only 1 active form from the Applications, but when we choose it (scr 1) and click Next, after some “loading changes” we have a table with 0 results (scr 2), so we can’t add the application to the package?

Scr 1

Scr 2

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,
I’d like to add the details of the issue.

  1. The Active form is public.
  2. Documentation update for a relevant instance has been done before creating a package.
  3. Recreation of the Active form didn’t help also.

I’ve recorded the video, where you can see that I’ve changed an existing form and have created a new one. I try to add both of them to the migration package, but Pulse doesn’t see any changes in the model, so we can’t choose the objects to add to the package.
Link to the video: google drive

Any ideas?

Hi both,

Thanks ssarvartdinova for the video.

This issue has already be reported by other clients, Pulse cannot find the dependency of an application in the VCS folder (where Pulse stores all changes).

We have a fix for this issue which will be part of the next release v5.5 (should be released in the next coming days).