Dear all

Because Oracle will change the license and support model of java we are evaluating all tools which are using it. As Pulse needs java we have some following questions. It would be nice to get some answers:

  • Which java version does Pulse use? (we are currently working with Pulse version 5.5.1)
  • Is Pulse compatible to OpenJDK
  • Is the Java JRE/JDK directly delivered with Pulse and are the security patches included?
  • Is a fat client installed and does it need Java (JDK/JRE)? (we suppose not)
  • Does Pulse need in the client browser "Java Applet" or "Java Web Start"? If yes, is it on the roadmap to substitute it with better solutions? Would it be removed till FEB 2019?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @dominik.germann,

Some answers to your questions:

  • The version of Java depends on the version of Pulse. In the latest version (5.7.10) we are using 8u144. You can check by looking at the properties of java.exe where Pulse is installed. Default: C:\Program Files\Pulse for TM1\jre\bin\java.exe
  • Pulse hasn’t been tested with OpenJDK. We can’t confirm whether it will work or not.
  • Yes, the JRE is included with Pulse as part of the installer.
  • The thick client uses the .NET framework.
  • The web client uses pure HTML and JavaScript, no plugins are required.


Hi tryan

Thank you very much for your fast reply! That helps much.

Kind regards