Pulse Import Package Error Unable to hot promote objects: Unable to execute: Bad Data.


we are importing a package in all tm1server and in a few tm1server, during the import with Pulse finish with error
Unable to hot promote objects: Unable to execute: Bad Data.

I have reviewed that the user will be ADMIN



Hi @DMO3855,

This error has been reported in previous versions of Pulse, which version of Pulse is installed in this (these) server(s).




Hi Erik,
the version of Pulse server is 5.7.10.



Hi @DMO3855,

Could you please share you TM1 version? What TM1 security mode are you using?

We’ve seen this error before when Pulse could not connect to the TM1 instances. There are a few things you could check:

  • Is the documentation running every night (Go to the model spotlight and chech the last time the documentation ran).
  • Could you please check if Pulse can connect to the TM1 instance (open the Pulse instance settings and click the Test button).

I hope this help.




HI Vincent,
the versión of Tm1server is P.A 2…0.4

I have reviewed the configuration of this instance settings and this setting was not ok.

The secutity select was Tm1 Native and all Tm1 server have the security integrated with Cognos.

Thank soo much.