Pulse 5.7.3 Migration

Upgraded Pulse from 5.5.1 to 5.7.3 on Dev. Then upgraded UAT.

After upgrade on both environments, Dev to UAT migration failed with following error.
ERROR 20/03/2018 14:23 Unable to run import process The process failed: NSW, 2750
(This is a Location dim in TM1)

Also, all the previous Migration Packages are gone in UAT. Previous Migration Packages do exist in Dev.

Update documentation feature works fine in both environments.

Please assist,

Hi @nainoor.thaker,

If the migration packages are missing in UAT, it means that for some reason the SQL table containing the list of packages was not migrated. We will need more information to troubleshoot what happened.

Could you please contact your Cubewise main contact and send them the following information:

  • TM1 version
  • Pulse version
  • Pulse logs (Zip the following folder \Pulse for TM1\logs).
  • Pulse for TM1\conf\Pulse.cfg.

Hi @Vincent,

Yes TM1 instance was restarted. I’ll send across the info requested to Cubewise main contact.