Pulse 5.6.1 questions


  1. Can new version of Pulse installed on separate server then TM1 application server?
  2. Can new version of Pulse configured to connect to multiple TM1 application servers? One Pulse install connect to DEV, UAT and PRD? With this architecture, Can it be able to do migration between various environments?

Hi @nainoor.thaker,

With v5.6.1, Pulse has to be installed on the same server where TM1 is installed.

From the web client, you can see only the TM1 instances of the same TM1 server. You can use the Thick Client to see all your servers and TM1 instances at the same time.

To understand better the Pulse architecture, I’d recommend reading the following help article:

Hi @nainoor.thaker,

We are working on a new version of Pulse that will allow Pulse to be installed separately and use the TM1 REST API for communication.

This will help us a lot as we won’t have to install multiple pulse installations and one pulse server can connect to multiple tm1 instances on different servers – thanks @tryan