Navigation List Not listed as a Widget Type


I noticed on the UX demo that there is a Navigation List on the widget list. I doesn’t appear on the list of widget types on the system I’m using. Is there a file I missed during the upgrade or is it only available under specific circumstances? If I’ve missed a file, any idea which one?


Hi @R.B,

probably you are just missing the element on TM1.

you need to add an element called ‘navigation-list’,
on the dimension ’ }APQ C3 Canvas View AppSubType’
as direct child of ‘Widget’

after that it should automatically appear on the front-end on the widget selection.

Just to add to this for everything to work with the widget types (and sub-types where needed for things like highcharts) you can run a process }APQ.C3.UX.Dim.CanvasViewAppSubType.Update.PickLists which will make sure the subsets exist in the }APQ C3 Canvas View AppSubType dimension that are used.