Multiple header lines in txt file

I am busy creating a new process that reads an output file from eQ Oracle application, it has 20 rows of headers, first 19 we do not require. When I set the TI up like this in ARC with the delimiter set as | it tells me it cannot read the file. If I remove the headers that is not required it reads the file without a problem. If I open it in architect with the 20 rows of headers it also works without any issue and creates the required variables. Any idea how I can get around this problem, after saving it in Architect and I go back to ARC it reverts back to not reading the file and manually removing the headers not required is not the way we can go with this process.

With Headers in ARC:

Without Extra headers in ARC:

With Headers in Architect


Hi @Bergie,

What is the version of TM1?


PA 2.0.4

Hi @Bergie,

Not sure what the issue is, can you create a ticket at and use the Bug template.

Whether you can read the file or not it doesn’t impact the TI. You can just create the variables in Architect or manually in Arc.

Thanks Tim, will create the ticket. For now I have manually created it.