Monitor other Logs with PulseForTM1


Hi Pulse team,

parts of our Application are written in Java.
We would like to use Pulse to Monitor the Java Logs and send mails if certain events happen.

I believe this is currently not possible. Any Idea how we could trick pulse to make it happen?
Would a future version of pulse allow us to do it? I think it would be quite convenient.




Hi mwritz,

Why don’t you use Java to write to tm1server.log? I think there is a java code to do it, and then setup Pulse to monitor those error logs.




Hi Tat,

thanks for the response! This would certainly make things easier. Do you know if it works, even though we dont run Java as JavaExtensionForTI?

Dont know if we want to mix the native TM1 messagelog with our custom Java logging though.
I would prefer if pulse could monitor our Java log file.




Hi Marius - Tat is on the money (as usual :grinning:)

Erik wrote me a jar file to run as a JavaExtension to do just that - write to the server log. I wanted to output TI vars to something easier than a flatfile. Great for tracking params in processes.

Works a treat with Pulse Message Log as you can filter out all the junk when running your TI.

Suggest you get in touch with Tim/Erik.



Hi Jason,

I don’t think that will work unless it is running as a TM1 Java Extension, you can’t update the Message Log via the REST API so I am not sure if it is possible. If there are on the same computer you could use a TI to ingest the logs and then write it to the Message Log.


Thanks everyone for the support!!

Calling a TI-Process from Java that writes logs into the TM1 Messagelog would work for us I think.
I would prefer a simpler solution though…

Any chance Future-Pulse would have features to monitor other logs ?