migrating Pulse database to new server - wrong user name or password

I have just installed Pulse on a new server and wanted to migrate the Pulse database.

I have copied all the folders and ran the ServerNameUpdate.bat as administrator and get the following error:


Can anyone help?

Hi @mmacdonnell,

Could you please try with the server names in capital case?

We also have an alternative to these scripts, you can also use the ServerNameOverride parameter, more details here: https://code.cubewise.com/docs/keep-pulse-history-while-migrating?rq=servernameoverride



Thanks Erik.

Now the script works (with the uppercase) however the Pulse website doesn’t start up.

from pulse.log:

018-12-12 12:16:00 INFO InitContextListener Connecting to the database with the default password
2018-12-12 12:16:01 WARN InitContextListener Cannot connect to database with new password
2018-12-12 12:16:01 INFO InitContextListener Connecting to the database with the legacy password
2018-12-12 12:16:02 FATAL InitContextListener Cannot connect to the h2 database with legacy password
2018-12-12 12:16:02 INFO ro.isdc.wro.http.WroFilter wro4j version: 1.7.7
2018-12-12 12:16:02 INFO ro.isdc.wro.http.WroFilter wro4j configuration: ro.isdc.wro.config.jmx.WroConfiguration@6f81e719[


So I’ve tried this a number of times now on different servers with the same results.

I’ve installed Pulse on the new server (same version as the old server)

I’ve shut down the pulse services (on both servers)

I’ve copied conf, db, dump, history, packages and vcs from the old server to the new.

I’ve run ServerNameUpdate.bat.

I’ve restarted Pulse services

I get this page cannot be displayed and pulse.log “could not find a connection to the docs database”

Version is 5.7.5 which I will upgrade when it’s migrated.

I did try migrating straight to the latest version, but that didn’t work either.

Please Help

Hi @mmacdonnell,

Could you please send us a support Ticket, so we can perform a web meeting to troubleshoot.



Hi Erik,

I am not sure how to create a support ticket. I am a vendor, not a client.


Hi @mmacdonnell,

Send us an email to pulse@cubewise.com, I will answer you shortly



Hi @mmacdonnell

As concluded in our support version, using the ServerNameOverride parameter is the better option when migrating data across servers.

But also, I will check that this bug in the Server Name rename script on Pulse 5.7.5 is not present in the more recent releases of Pulse.

Thanks for helping us make Pulse Better.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Erik

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Executive Consultant

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Hi Erik,
We’re also getting same error messages.
I’ve tried the override parameter with capitals, as well as the bat file with capitals, still no luck.
I guess you gave some solution to Malcolm which is not recorded here.

Could you please tell what fixed the problem ?

We’re on Pulse 5.8.2 version.


I have managed for Pulse to show me the pulse credentials box now.
I looked at the link you shared earlier carefully & changed ServerOverRide parameter to the old server (I had set it to the new server). After changing it to the short server name as opposed to the fully qualified name it showed me the server box. I just need to figure out which password to use :).

Thanks for your help.

Hi @drd,

you can reset the admin password in the pulse.cfg:



Thanks Erik, thanks for the tip. We knew the password so no troubles there. One thing I noticed & we’re very keen to change is - the browser title name - it still appears as the old server name. I tried to google if there was a way to update it, but the links I found were all related to building your own website. Is there a way in Pulse to change the tab name to the new server ? If I remove the serveroverride parameter now will it help ?


Hi @drd,

Unfortunately this is not currently possible in Pulse 5.

Would be a good enhancement request for Pulse 6 though:

Hi @gpool,
Thanks for your reply. Noted.