Message Log doesn't always show up in live monitor : v5.8


Hi Team,
We’ve observed that the ‘Message Log’ box on the right hand side of the Live Monitor doesn’t always show the live ‘server messages’. At first, we thought that it might be because there’s no activity on the server after starting the browser session. However, we have now confirmed this repeatedly that the message log feature is intermittent.
It shows the messages sometimes & other times it doesn’t.

Is there a reason for this behaviour of Pulse ? How can we rectify this problem ?



Hi @deepak.desale,

Could you please change the “ConnectionPoolMax” setting in your Pulse.cfg from 2 to 4?. And restart the Pulse services




Hi Erik,

Thanks for prompt reply. Will implement that change & check the results.
BTW, what does that setting do & how does it affect the intermittent on/off behaviour of message logs ?


Hi @deepak.desale,

This parameter allows to extend the buffer of connections between the Pulse monitor and the Pulse Application Server. We added this parameter to solve a similar issue that was reported previously.

Best Regards,



@ecarmona we see this quite a bit at multiple sites. Would you recommend this as the standard default value for the parameter?


Hi @cw-ch,

That is correct, we are planning to set this parameter to something greater, like 6 or 8 as default for Pulse 5.8.1.

Best Regards,



Thanks for your replies Erik & cw-ch.
We’ve set the parameter to 4 as suggested. So far no problem.


Hi Team,
We faced this situation again this morning. The connectonpoolmax is set to 4 but messages were not appearing. We restarted pulse services, live monitor shows logs now.
Do you know the reason behind this glitch ?