Licence optimisation - Admin count


Quick question here:

We’ve installed Pulse on a Prod environement.
It is not possible to restart the server now, so we’ll have wait for the weekly restart over the week-end and run the documentation next week.

The Licence optimization tool shows the correct amount of Read/Write users but 0 admin (when we know there are 6).

My guess is this is because you need to run the documentation to have the admin users, but it is reading the data in the Client Property cube (so no need of the documentation) for the amount of users.

Am I correct?


Hi @Celine,

Both the read/write count and admin come from TI that is executed when the documentation is run. What version of Pulse have you installed?

Ok. Well, it confirms that we’ll have an updated admin count next week after the documentation’s update.

Sorry, the version is 5.7.3.