KPI Simple Widget and Target View Navigation

The UX documentation mentions that target view navigation is available from the simple kpi widget.

When I specify a target view nothing changes about the widget. The target view works when displayed as a grid, but not as a KPI simple. Is this an error in documentation, or is there something else at play here?

  "cardConfig": {
    "height": "700",
    "noCard": true
  "kpiSimple": {
    "showReference": true,
    "percentVarCalcMethod": "1",
    "decimalFormat": 2,
    "backgroundColor": "#161E2D",
    "greenReferenceCondition": ">",
    "greenReferenceValue": "0",
    "redReferenceCondition": "<",
    "redReferenceValue": "0",
    "yellowReferenceCondition": "==",
    "yellowReferenceValue": "0"
  "targetView": [
      "view": "a18.f1.v1",
      "viewType": "View"

Hi @rdclapp,

In the KPI Simple widget cube settings, Can you please confirm whether the “HyperLink to change filters” is enabled on the columns config? For all the target view, this option has to be enabled.

Kindly find the screenshot below for your reference.

Prasanna R