KPI Dashboards

Hi All,

I used KPI Simple Dashboard for the project. The Dashboard calculates the values through the source data which is queit good. But, I think there is only one calculation method for this dashboard.

While I was searching for the solution, I found “percentCalcMethod” for KPI Trend dashboard. The second method for this parameter is what I want.

Calculation Methods are like;
(Set the percentage calculation method to “2” to use the formula (A-B/A) x 100 .
By default it is set to “1”. [Formula : (A/B-1) x 100])

Is there a way to change the calculation for KPI Simple Method?

Also, I tried to use KPI Trend Dashboard but , I couldn’t give the source data.

How should I create a source for KPI Trend Dashboard?


Hi @AliUgur
In the Apliqo_Demo app which you can create with the installer we have built in examples for all widget types. If you look up the example for KPI trend the view definition of that widget will show you the shape of the table that is required for the input.

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