Issues with 2022.12 Upgrade

We just recently upgraded from 2022.06.3 to 2022.12. We understand there was a significant overhaul to the editting interface, but we’re noticing a lot of existing reports or popup widgets were not working after the upgrade. In some cases, we just had to go into edit mode and re-add the context filters. Is anyone else having this issue?

Hi @dmiller
In our case, there was not such a jump in versions, but we had issues at the Tomcat level and some applications are not working at all, our colleague @meissa reported here

We also had some issues with the popups and textbox widget. We are still working with the Aplqo UX developers to fix the issue. I think that might need a minor update on Aplqo side. There are some several issues going on with a few of our apps.