Issues when upgrading from Pulse v5.7.0 to the latest version

When upgrading from Pulse v5.7.0 to the latest version:
Update Documentation fails with error message after updating to v5.7.5
Process }src_clients_export returned failure: ProcessAborted

Anyone else run into this same error?

Hi @gerald.grogan,

Did you restart TM1? Can you also check if there is a message in the tm1server.log file.

Yes, I restarted the TM1 instance (using TM1 v10.2.2 FP7), but not the admin host.
There is a similar error in the logfile:
7912 [30] ERROR 2018-04-26 14:10:07.769 TM1.Process Process “}src_clients_export”: : Execution was aborted. Error file: <TM1ProcessError_20180426141007_76907912_}src_clients_export.log>

I checked the contents of that file - not very helpful unfortunately
Error file: <TM1ProcessError_20180426141007_76907912_}src_clients_export.log>
Error: Prolog procedure line (0): Unable to open data source “}Clients”.

Hi @gerald.grogan,

The message in the process log indicates that the }Clients subset can’t be opened. I have checked and it is a bug, Can you please open the process }src_clients_export process (you will need to show control objects) in Architect and change the subset name in the data source to All. That will fix it in the interim.

We will put together a fix.

Le me know if you need further help.

After making the suggested change,
I can confirm that this workaround step has successfully resolved this Pulse issue.
I am looking forward to another fix from Cubewise to permanently resolve this Pulse issue.