Incorrect details in License Optimization report

We’ve found some incorrect results in the License Optimization report, is there any fix to this ?

  1. Users defined in TM1 does not align with the users by instances or Unique users report - ie. those in the }Clients dimension.

  2. Actual usage doesn’t appear correct during the date specified eg. If you export users by instance to CSV, using the last login to align to the parameters, there’s only 10 users (11 if you include ??? - but actual usage shows 12.

  3. The web report for user sessions includes another entry to make 12 users but last login date was outside the date range.


Hi @drd,

Regarding your questions:

1 and 2 Pulse will keep a track of all the users that have been, in the TM1 service, despite their deletion. the same goes with their attributes, i.e. If the user was once an Admin and then by security this role was removed, Pulse will “remember” that it was an admin once, therefore for licencing proposes, this user will always be an admin

In regards of the third question and on account of the sensibility of these reports, could you contact your local support office with more details and screenshots?

We will take it from there.



Ok, thanks Erik.