Highlight columns on the report

How can I highlight a column on the report in ApliqoUX?

It depends what you mean by “highlight a column”. If you mean conditional formatting where a row, column or cell has specific formating applied then sure this can be done with the advanced options. If you mean automated temporary highlighting based on the active cursor position then no.

Just want to apply a different static colour to a particular column.

Well I think you’re good then with the current conditional formatting options. Just reference the specific column name and the formatting you want to apply.

Hi @cw-ch ,

Is it possible to reference the element name rather than what is displayed in the column header. I’m displaying aliases not the element names, but the aliases keep getting changed? I did try it using the element names, but could only get it working with the displayed names.

Hi @R.B
The conditional formatting is on the table level so yes it is using the displayed column name and not the key.

Being able to base formatting on principal names for row or column elements not the displayed names would be an enhancement request (which you are welcome to make :wink: )

I’ve added this as an enhancement request.