Forcing (column) chart max value dynamically


I’d like to set the max value of the yAxis to be driven by the max value in the chart.

I know how to force the max value to a number but how do I achieve this dynamically?

"yAxis": [
    "max": 1

Not sure if there’s an easy way to achieve this but I agree this would be a nice option to have.

I have been able to have it be somewhat dynamic by using <<INSTANCE.DIM.HIER::ATTRIBUTE>> directly in the Adv Options (e.g., "max": "<INSTANCE.DIM.HIER::ATTRIBUTE>") assuming I have an attribute on a single dimension that can somewhat calibrate the scale.

UX graphs generally seem to do a good job of scaling but there are situations where it would be nice to be able to change the axis scaling by a parameter that does a percent-from-max/min of the data points.

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That’s nice and would cover some use cases but not all. I agree percent of max/min of the data points is ideal.

Requested an ER for this

I agree @tganz we should have an ER to override the default scaling for axis min/max

  1. Switch to toggle override between absolute values OR % difference from the min & max
  2. The values for min & max (which will be either absolute fixed values or %diff depending on entry for the override type)