Extned Add-In for Pulse


Is the Extend add-in for Pulse the same for all versions of Pulse? Specifically, is the Extend add-in for Pulse version 5.5.1 the same as for the latest version of Pulse (currently 5.7.3)?

Hi @R.B,

Extend versions are not linked to Pulse versions. The Extend version you were using with Pulse 5.5.1 will still work with Pulse v5.7.3 but if you are just after Excel logging you should use the new Excel Logger introduced in Pulse v5.6, more information here:



Hi @Vincent,

Is there a list of the features of the Extend version that comes with Pulse?

If you mean the features of the Excel Logger, the Excel Logger is a separate Pulse logger. It only logs Excel usage to Pulse and has no user interface. This is a silent add-in, meaning you won’t see it in the Excel toolbar.


Assuming the names and versions are still valid, I mean what are the features of the Consumer version that comes with Pulse vs the Power User version?

Are there any known issues for Extend with Excel 2010 / 2013?