Empty Validation Section


We have a customer where the validation report comes up completely empty. In addition to this the section with the validations and relationships when looking at a cube are empty.

I checked the documentation and can confirm that this works fine. Also, we see the “bad” syntax highlighted when looking at the rules for a file.

Any ideas where the issue could come from ?


Here are the latest log files from the client.pulse.txt (779.2 KB)
server.txt (1.2 MB)


Hi @dsauren,

In Pulse v5.5.1, to see validation rules in the validation report, you have to tick both options Include Cubes and Validate Rules:

If one of these 2 options is unticked, the validation report won’t include rule validation.

To avoid this issue, in the next release, we will merge these 2 options into one tick box.