Email Settings in Extend Version 4.4.0


After installing Pulse 4.4.0 the Email Settings tab in the Options dialog box is not visible - has this been removed? (It’s still on the help guide distributed with that version)


Hi @pcoggan,

It should still be there:

How about in another PC/Laptop?

Try to check too if there are any errors thrown into the log file within %AppData%\CWExtend.



The same behavior (no visible email options tab) is occurring on other PCs as well.

The logs in %AppData%\CWExtend are showing:

2019-04-02 09:41:48 MWebRequest WorkbookOpened -2147012891 System error: -2147012891.

2019-04-02 09:41:53 MWebRequest WorkbookOpened -2147012891 System error: -2147012891.

2019-04-03 09:34:36 MFormatApply ApplySliceFormats

We expect that the Report Burster Email output button is not available because the email options cant be entered.






Hi @pcoggan,

Thanks for sending over those additional screenshots!

All of these should be because the convey.exe cannot be found by Extend.

This file has to be on the same location as where your Extend add-in is.

Can you help confirm this file’s location?

If it was not there on the PC, then can you help copy these over? You can get this from the distribution package of Extend. As per the recent releases, there should always be a total of four files (for x86 or x64) that needs to be copied over.



Thanks Paul - that resolved the issue.