Drilldown in a View


I have three related questions when using a UX View.

  1. I have an MDX expression on the rows. I would like to reverse the order of the elements, like the Expand Above option in Perspectives. Is there a setting for this?
  2. The MDX expression I have restricts the users to the required elements. I would like to show the hierarchy so that users can see where elements roll up and also so they can collapse and expend the selection. When an element is collapsed and expanded, it shows more than was originally there. Is it possible to stop this?
  3. Is it possible for a user to revert the selection back to the original MDX selection after collapsing and expanding the dimension? The view refresh refreshes the data but not the rows and the browser refresh resets the title elements to the defaults.


Not that I’m aware of. Great feature idea though for an enhancement request. Technically reversing the order doesn’t seem too difficult a concept so this might be a quick win. (although this feature is often a bit “quirky” in architect/perspectives).

Simple answer here is no. As soon as you start rolling up and drilling down then you are no longer looking at the original subset or MDX expression. We have the same constraints here as in any other UI. If you want to give users the freedom to do some analysis & exploration in the view then you give them the freedom to diverge from the originally defined rowset which is only going to be limited by the element security on the row dimension(s).
Possibly we could dream up a feature here which could distinguish UX from other interfaces of being able to define an “inclusion set” or “exclusion set” in addition to the rowset definition which would place additional constraints on the members which could be displayed when drilling up or down. But as this would be a new feature it’s non-trivial and would need to be ranked against all the other features and enhancements already on the roadmap. ( Again, if this is important to your customer then enhancement request is best option.)

Sorry to sound like a broken record but not that I’m aware of. Great feature idea though for an enhancement request. This one for sure would be a quick win.

Was this feature ever implemented? Is there an expand above setting available in UX?

AFAIK you have to create a subset that uses Expand Above in TM1, then reference that subset in the UX and it shows as per the underlying subset. Unless I’ve missed a feature enhancement too!