Content of header.ftl


Looking at the content of the header.ftl file (‘app name’/WEB-INF/pages/header.ftl) I don’t understand the reference to the folder ‘client-asset’ which I can’t find in my folder structure. Without the references (line 5,6,7,13) the pages don’t show.

Can someone explain how this works?


Hi @jhogewoning,

These types of files are being used to combine libraries and files for a more web-optimized download.



Hi @plim,

How this can be modified then ? My problem is the following: I’ve made a test of a background picture for template, i’ve deleted the picture but it remains display in my application. I do not find it in any of the files under my app folder except in the client.css find through the inspector tools of Chrome.

Thanks for help.



Hi @sschreurs,

Do you mean you own / control http://outsourcing-center/wp-content/…pharma-data.jpg?

Search and check your CSS folder for the styles above and just remove them. Chrome might somehow still be caching them still.

Let me know how it goes.