Connection CAM failure when migrating from BI to CA

Hi All,
We migrated our configuration for PA authentication from BI 10.2 using http to Cognos Analytics
We are fine to connect to TM1 servers using Tm1web and perspective with the new configuration, but not with ARC.
Trying to log in to a TM1 server with new configuration in CFG files, ARC displays a very quick message with “Login credential are not valid” that immediately disappears and no possibility to log in
Do we need to configure something else to allow ARC to use CA?
We are using ARC 1.9.3 and CA 11.1.3

Hi @ottaviopf,

There are no extra steps for CA compared to BI. I can see you have create an issue, I will follow up there.

Hi @tryan,

Ottavio is my colleague.
It seems like the problem was caused by an incorrect Log On As user in Cognos Analytics windows service (had to use Local System instead).
Thanks for the assistance and sorry for the late reply.


No worries, thanks for getting back to us.