Chore History Status


Pulse: 5.8.0

If one of the processes executed within a chore fails.

Should the overall chore status shown in the Chore History display as a failed status as well?
I was unaware of the process error until I looked at the details.

Hi @gng,

In the server log a chore doesn’t indicate whether a process failed or not and that is what Pulse uses for the status. See example log lines below:

18708   [e]   INFO   2019-02-12 23:13:45.163   TM1.Chore   Chore "Test" executed by user "Admin"
18708   [e]   INFO   2019-02-12 23:13:45.163   TM1.Process   Process "Error" executed by chore "Test"
18708   [e]   ERROR   2019-02-12 23:13:45.179   TM1.Process   Process "Error":  finished executing with errors. Error file: <TM1ProcessError_20190212231345_16318708_Error.log> : Attribute "Caption_Default" not found
18708   [e]   INFO   2019-02-12 23:13:45.179   TM1.Chore   Chore "Test" finished executing