Cell Validation in Apliqo UX


Is it possible to apply cell validation to columns (or rows) in an Apliqo view / grid, similar to the tm1-validate in a tm1-ui-dbr?

There are a few inputs that I would like to restrict.

  1. I would like to stop users entering percentages above 100% or below 0% for specific elements.

  2. I would like stop users entering invalid dates. I have applied the attribute to display the date picker in a view, but it doesn’t stop the user entering random text. I don’t want to stop the user typing a date, as that may be quicker form them, but I would like to restrict it to a valid date. I may like to restrict it to a valid date range.

  3. I would like to restrict users from entering a negative number for specific elements.

Are any of these possible?

Not currently but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, you can raise an enhancement request. I can see the use case and agree it’s a good idea. My only concern is the possible performance impact in a larger grid.

@aalex has been working on something similar for the TI widget. Depending on the number of cells you need to validate this might be an option.

I’ve added an enhancement request for this.