Canvas Active Forms



Is it possible to create an active form in Canvas, but make the consolidated elements in the row sets non-collapsible, i.e. fixed?



So you mean like for an active form in Excel/TM1Web setting the drill argument to false in the TM1RptRow formula?



Yes, exactly.

I want to reproduce active forms that have stacked rows that may have consolidated values - but are not collapsible, they are fixed.

The active form directive is the only one that allows you to stack rows, and the equivalent via tm1-ui-table with MDX only creates a read only state on input cells, my options are limited. Ng-repeat with multiple subsets from multiple dims in a straight HTML table would also be very cumbersome I’d of thought.



Hi @jtuckerman,

You can do that via the tm1-freeze-element attribute of the tm1-ui-rpt-rpw-label directive.

So just set this to “true” to the row dimension where you do not want the collapsible function.

Full details is on the Help page, under the tm1-ui-rpt-row-label directive.





Exactly what I was looking to do.