Arc with Reverse Proxy


Hi there,

I am trying to setup Arc to use the “connections” option, and the URL of the TM1 REST API is in the format of the below:

I can use$metadata and I do get the testing page as expected.

Attached is the log file when I turned on DEBUG mode on Arc arc.txt (1.7 KB)

Appreciate to give me some idea how I can get Arc to work.




Hi @twong,

Can you please share how you are setting the connections option.


settings.txt (4.6 KB)

Hi @tryan,

Attached is the setting.yml file converted to txt.




First thing to try is using a name without a space in it. Then see if you can get to the page:


Same error message, I have replaced the space to dash.

And restarted Arc.


Hi @twong,

Can you please email me the real settings file and the full log file with nothing changed.