Arc Features List

Arc v1.7.1 (

  • New Cube Viewer
  • New Dimension Editor
  • New Subset Editor
  • New rule area picker and insert function buttons for the Rule Editor
  • See default member for each hierarchy in the dimensions overview page
  • New filter by types of control objects
  • New debugger tab to see all your breakpoints
  • New button to save a process as a template
  • Snippets are now grouped by category
  • Create your snippets in .hsjon format
  • MDX plugin keeps your history
  • REST API plugin keeps your history
  • Always show control objects processes in auto-complete

Arc v1.6.0 (

  • The Hierarchy Editor has been improved:
    • To help you to find out quickly which the default hierarchy it is marked with ‘*’.
    • The all leaves hierarchy is marked with a “+”.
    • A new button called Set as Default Hierarchy has been added to set a new Hierarchy as the new default hierarchy.
    • A new button called Change Leaves Hierarchy has been added to replace the current leaves hierarchy with an existing or new hierarchy.
  • It is now easier to differentiate TM1 objects thanks to coloured icons.

Arc v1.5.0 (

  • A new administration tool called Configuration has been added. It enables you to update all tm1s.cfg settings for your TM1 servers.
  • Arc Console, you can now execute any TM1 process functions without having to create a TM1 process
  • The Dimensions page has been improved:
    • Filter the list of dimensions by clicking cubes,
    • Attributes are now colored by types (String, Numeric and Alias))
  • The Cubes page has been improved:
    • Execute CubeProcessFeeders for specific cubes
    • Execute a CubeSaveData or SaveDataAll
    • Filter the cubes list by clicking on dimensions
  • The Processes page has been improved:
    • Data source type is now available
    • Filter the list of parameters by clicking on parameters
  • The Options section on the top of the left menu is now split into three tabs:
    • History tab to see the latest objects you worked on
    • Favourites tab, to find your favourites objects, to add an object as favourites, open the context button and click Add to favourites
    • Options tab, to show/hide control objects and toggle which admin host
  • Arc supports now Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)
  • A Show all ancestors button has been added to the subset editor.
  • A Copy button has been added to the Subset Editor

Arc v1.4.2 (

  • A new administration tool called Loggers has been added. It enables you to easily update the logging level for all TM1 loggers. You must have TM1/PA 2.0.6/11.4 or later.

Arc v1.4 (

  • Rule Trace has been added to the cube viewer
  • There is now a “time elapsed” counter when running a TI process.
  • Arc supports now English, German, Spanish and French languages

Arc v1.3 (

  • Arc is now available on different platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac).
  • TM1 Applications folder are now supported
  • The Cube Viewer has been improved
  • The navigation pane has been improved

Arc v1.2 (

  • The default action for a cube is now to open the cube viewer, to open the rules click on the sub-menu Rules
  • Arc uses now a new multi-window layout manager (It can be to left/right, top/bottom or beside another tab).

Arc v1.1 (

  • Add support for Dynamic SQL Queries during Preview.
  • Overwrite a cube if already existing.
  • Execute MDX Set Expression in the MDX plugin.
  • New plugin dedicated to the REST API.
  • New plugin to help you manage native views and subsets.
  • The Hierarchy editor has been significantly improved:
    • Changes to the hierarchy are now immediate.
    • Delete/Copy/Paste multiple leaf elements at the same time.
    • Copy a list of elements from Excel, Paste into the new element input box and then click Add!

Arc v1.0 (

  • The object search on the menu now allows you to filter by instance with i: prefix and object type with t: prefix. Example to find a process in the instance cmxd containing clone in the name:
    t:process i:cxmd clone