Apliqo subset dropdowns not reflecting subset sequence

I am using subset to supply the parameter options on a dropdown list.

My users wish to see the “All” element as the first in the list, followed by all the consolidations, followed by the leaves.

To achieve this I have simply applied DimensionSortOrder ByLevel to the dimension in Perspectives, and the dimension and the subset in Perspectives reflect my change perfectly.

However, when I come to Apliqo, Apliqo ignores whatever ordering logic I try to apply. It instead displays the first consolidation expanded near the top of the list, followed by its children. Then the next consolidation collapsed, with its children further below.

I have tried explicitly setting MDX within Apliqo to display the elements in the explicit sequence I desire, but Apliqo ignores the MDX sequencing too and still displays it in a random fashion that it appears to like instead.

Is there something I need to change in order to get Apliqo to return the subset elements as an exact mirror of the actual subset?

Hi Epistemophile,
I spoke to Joao about the issue you discovered and was able to reproduce it. The component recognizes the N elements as children of a consolidation further up in the list and hence displays them as such. This is not the expected behavior and we are working on addressing the issue and providing a fix. We will be in touch again as soon as possible.

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Thanks Andreas!

Please keep me posted if there are any updates on this one. Thanks