Activate Excel Logger add-in when TM1 is accessed via Citrix (XenApp)


Here is what’s currently installed here: there is a shortcut in Citrix portal that points directly to the tm1p.xla file (and not Excel) so the users can directly open Perspectives (which then opens Excel) via the link.
There are several Citrix servers, so the user is never reaching the same sever everytime he logs into Citrix.

Do you know if there is a way for a XenApp link to open both TM1 and Excel Logger add-ins at the same time ? Have you seen this configuration somewhere ?

Similarly to what’s in the blog’s article Deploying Your Extend Package to Citrix, I’ve found a link explaining how to modify the Excel registery key to open several add-ins when opening Excel, but nothing like opening another add-in from the tm1p.xla directly.

Any ideas?


Hi @Celine,

The easiest way is to to add the path to Perspectives and the Logger as arguments after the path to Excel in the shortcut.